vampire is already used in a number of research projects spanning the whole range of magnetic materials and phenomena, some of which are highlighted here.

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Schematic of ultrafast switching.

Ultrafast switching in ferrimagnetic alloys

The recent discovery that a magnetic material can be switched by heat alone was made using an atomistic spin model of the rare-earth transtion metal alloy GdFeCo similar to vampire. Read more ›

Schematic of a psuedo spin valve.

Atomistic modelling of psuedo spin-valves

Spin valves use two magnetic layers to control the flow of electrons. Here the reversal process of the two FePt layers is simulated with an atomistic spin model. Read more ›

Schematic of core-shell nanoparticle.

Exchange bias in core-shell nanoparticles

Exchange bias causes the hysteresis loop of a material to be shifted. Here the effects of rough interfaces in exchange biased core-shell nanoparticles is investigated using an atomistic spin model. Read more ›